White House Wednesdays
Today, Mrs. Obama unveiled the much anticipated theme of this year’s Christmas decorations, ’A Children’s Winter Wonderland’.   The White House stated “it celebrates the pureness that the holidays bring, as seen through the eyes of children. The magic and joy of a Winter Wonderland through a  child’s eyes transform the White House and its stately, storied rooms, reminding us all of the beauty of this holiday season and the blessings we have experienced over the past year”.
There are 26 Christmas trees this year on the state floor of the White House but the official Blue Room tree has a theme of it’s own called “America the Brave”.  The tree, which stands 18 feet tall in the Blue Room, honors the courageous service of the troops, veterans, and military families, who all serve our Nation every single day and is draped with approximately 2,000 ornaments honoring America’s service members.  And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without replicas of Bo and Sunny (life-sized ones this year are placed in the East Garden Room).  Next week I will post photos of all of the decor that can be seen on the tour.


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