White House Wednesdays

Football season is in full swing and many are going to tailgates, having watching parties and more.  And of course that makes us think of one beverage in particular, beer.  What many do not realize is that the White House now  has its own beer.  George Washington had his own whiskey distillery and he brewed beer at Mount Vernon; Thomas Jefferson grew grapes and made wine at Monticello; but President Barack Obama is the first president to brew and distill beer at the White House.  Below you can find recipes for both the White House Honey Ale (brewed with White House honey of course) and White House Honey Porter.  Not only will you find the recipes so you can make these at home but also a great video from assistant White House Chef Sam Kass on the story of beer.

You can also click here to see the White House Beer Video and go directly to the White House website.

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