White House Wednesdays
It is hard to believe that the White House Historical Association is only 56 years old.  In 1961 Mrs. Jackie Kennedy founded the organization because she was passionate about the preservation of the White House for posterity. Since its founding, the nonprofit remains true to its mission of “enhancing the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the Executive Mansion”, also known as the White House.
Before Mrs. Kennedy’s vision for truly preserving the White House, there was no formal archival, collection, or acquisition process for furniture, artwork, and historic preservation. The proceeds of the many outreach programs, events, lectures, and merchandise sales like my two books, Christmas at the White House and Pets at the White House, go to secure works of art for the permanent White House collection, artifacts, furniture and so much more. Many have come to enjoy unique items such as the annual White House Christmas Ornament, and the wooden White House Easter Eggs for souvenirs.
Earlier this year, I was honored to be present for President and Mrs. Trump’s special social dinner in honor of the White House Historical Association at the White House where she said “…since its founding in 1961 by First Lady Jackie Kennedy, has the chartered mission of telling the stories of this grand home and the families and people who lived and worked here. The artifacts on display earlier this evening are some of the greatest in the White House collection.  Those priceless mementos are figures of our history.  They give incredible insight [into] the past presidents, first families, and the White House itself.  They help tell the story of our nation.  They also underscore why your support of the White House Historical Association is so important.”
To learn more about the work of the White House Historical Association you can visit www.whitehousehistory.org

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