White House Wednesdays


One of the most famous White House pets was Millie Kerr Bush!  Millie was an English  Springer Spaniel who lived at the White House with President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush. Mille was an accomplished author who captured the hearts of the American people from the start.  One of her puppies, Spot Bush, was given to Geroge W. Bush who brought Spot back to the White hOuse when he was elected the 43rd President of the United States.
Southern Living Magazine has named Mille Bush Dog Park in Houston, TX as one of the Top 10 Great Southern Dog Parks in their “Best of Fall” issue. If you are ever in Houston and have a dog, or just love puppies, you should take a trip to this lovely dog park that features dog approved attractions like fake fire hydrants.
To read more about Millie and other presidential pets you can purchase Pets at the White House on Amazon or the White House Historical Association websites.

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