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It’s All About Bo

The décor that is certainly stealing the show for this year’s White House trimmings it without a doubt, Bo. The First Pet, a Portuguese Water Dog, is prominent this year. For the past two years Bo has been a favorite, there have been Christmas cookies of his likeness, he has appeared in the past two white chocolate gingerbread houses, and last year there was even a fabulous replica of the pooch made entirely of pipe cleaners. However this year he is in almost every room of the ground and State floors, ranging from a miniature licorice and marshmallow version to a felt design four-and-a-half feet tall.

America’s most famous canine has made an appearance in almost every room. “It’s sort of a ‘Where’s Bo?’” first lady Michelle Obama explained, “You’ve got to find the Bo in every room, because he’s hidden everywhere.”

In a web video released by the White House, floral designer Heather Cooper talks through the process of creating “Button Bo,” the smallest recreation. The faux dog is made of wire and tape completely surrounded by hand-glued buttons, beads and a few sequins.









The real Bo first arrived at the White House after great anticipation in April 2009 following President-Elect Obama’s promise to his girls on election night that they had earned a puppy to take to the White House. He is a neutered male Portuguese Water Dog that was given to him by the late Senator Ted Kennedy (who had one of his litter mates). The litter was named “Hope and Change” in honor of Obama’s victory. He was selected in part due to the President’s daughter Malia’s allergies, as Portuguese Water Dogs are considered hypoallergenic.

Mrs. Obama drew a laugh from the crowd yesterday when she said Bo, “the most famous member of the Obama family,” has been a little confused walking around the house and seeing himself in “gigantic form.”












Although we all might not be up to the task of creating such giant replicas of our own pets- one of my Mom’s most favorite Christmas trees (she has nine of them) is certainly her animal tree. It is an eight foot tree that from floor to ceiling is covered in different creatures of ours (many that have likenesses of our pets while I was growing up). At the base of the tree she surrounded it with Steiff stuffed animals- my favorite- a giant antique Steiff donkey. I think it is fun for my girls each year to choose an ornament of their favorite pet- and to sometimes write the name of the animal on the ornament. It is also fun to give that special someone an ornament each year of the same animal, building a collection for them. My good friend Rachel told me that her Mom each year gives her and her sisters each an animal ornament for Christmas (the same animal each year)- so while one of her sisters has a fabulous bear collection- she cherishes her lambs.


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