White House Wednesdays
President Trump's First Annual Governor's Ball

    The first major social dinner for the Trump White House Social Calendar took place last Sunday with the Annual Governor’s Ball. This black-tie bipartisan affair takes place every year on the last Sunday of February in conjunction with the National Governor’s Association meeting.  The ball marked the first formal gathering that First Lady… Read More

First Lady Melania Trump and First Lady Jackie Kennedy

  During the recent Presidential Inauguration there were many pundits who made light of some similarities between our new First Lady Melania Trump and Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy  – so I thought it was worth a further review. On the outset one might assume that  such comparisons are somewhat unfair to make because we… Read More

  Without a doubt our new First Lady, Melania Trump, and the entire First Family shined over the entire course of the 58th Presidential Inaugural celebrations.  The talented businesswoman, wife, and mother who is fluent in five languages was poised, polished and highlighted her spectacular and most importantly American wardrobe.   Mrs. Trump began the festivities wearing a double-breasted military-inspired… Read More

As Americans are about to watch the Fifty-Eighth Inauguration take place next Friday when President-Elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office, we think about traditions and all of the fanfare that will take place. The only inaugural element mandated by the United States Constitution is that the president makes an oath or affirmation before… Read More

50 Years of Inaugural Gowns

In just a few short weeks we will have a new First Lady, and I suspect she will be one of the most iconic when it comes to fashion!  I can’t wait to see who Mrs. Trump will have selected for her historic Inaugural Gown! The Fifty-Eighth Presidential Inauguration is just around the corner on… Read More