White House Wednesdays

Sep 2, 2015
On this day in 1944 President George H.W. Bush’s plane was shot down in the Pacific Ocean. What many don’t know about President George H.W. Bush is that he served in the navy during World War II from 1942-1945 and he was the youngest pilot in the navy in 1943. He flew torpedo bombers in… Read More 236101


Dallas author and speaker, Jennifer Pickens documents the lives of presidents spanning a half a century inside the world's most famous address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"These books should be on every person's gift list, regardless of age or nationality."
- Letitia Baldrige

Pets at the White House

Pets at the Whitehouse

Fondly written with charm and wit, and illustrated with over 200 exquisite photographs, the author reveals how pets have played an important role in the White House.
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Christmas at the Whitehouse

Christmas at the Whitehouse

This book beautifully documents the lavish private and public Christmas celebrations, decorations, themes and traditions spanning half of a century inside the White House.
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